Holistic Health is a project that aims to help you heal and evolve physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! The concept of holistic health means the health of everything you are and possess: Spirit, soul, mind, energy and body. We have a wide range of holistic therapies: various types of massage, shiatsu, yoga, meditation, Reiki sessions and courses, hypnotherapy, holistic fitness and life coaching.
It is a new project, but has evolved from other projects founded by Max Tudor in Spain (Reiki Mijas and Life Love) and it works together with Boot Camp Holidays and Personal Trainer Bucharest. The body, the vital energy system, the mind and the soul are linked and influence each other more than you probably think. Health and harmony are necessary for you on all levels in order to be on the best path of your destiny and to have an amazing experience in this life! The vibration on all levels of the individual permanently affects his / her external life. When someone is in harmony with his faculties, then he or she will be in harmony with the outside world and will benefit not only from the life of the individual but the whole universe that comes into contact with the respective.
Max Tudor has a lot of knowledge and experience in the holistic field, including Reiki, yoga, meditation, fitness, hypnotherapy, parapsychology, psionism, philosophy, martial arts and life coaching, areas that can help you reach your goals! He is a trainer, instructor, coach, professor, therapist and creative and ardent entrepreneur.
In holistic fitness training, we combine conventional fitness training with original components and martial arts and yoga elements to improve the training and recovery process, you will see much faster and better progress than regular training! It can train you to lose weight, increase your muscles, strength, endurance or just to have a better health or even for a particular sport, depending on your needs, we can tailor tge training to the client’s goals and current level.
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