Complete Holistic Therapy


We have developed a progressive holistic therapy that helps you heal / develop on all levels, completely solving any problem. Optimally, a session lasts 3 hours after the initial consultation, but if you want it to be more intense, it can last even 4.5 hours, and if you want to do it very often, you may choose 90 minutes sessions.

This complex starts with hypnotherapy to solve the root of the problem, helped by Universal Spiritual Energy through the Reiki system, then it will continue with Shiatsu to help restore the energy flow in the body, after which we will be discussing consciously, understanding the situation intellectually, then you will meditate to connect with the Higher Self and get more wisdom on the subject. At the end we can do a holistic fitness training to better implement the idea in mind and into the body. This therapy also aims to heal you overally and to help you maintain a healthy body and mind, of course, not just solving a problem or developing in a particular area.


Sessions 90 Minutes 180 Minutes 270 Minutes
1 200 LEI 300 LEI 400 LEI
4 750 LEI 1100 LEI 1500 LEI
8 1400 LEI 2100 LEI 2800 LEI
12 2100 LEI 3000 LEI 4000 LEI
15 2300 LEI 4000 LEI 5000 LEI
24 4000 LEI 5000 LEI 6000 LEI


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