Holistic Fitness

In the West, fitness generally means the science and the practice to become and stay fit, in the proper physical form, through exercise and nutrition. In the east, there are many philosophies, sciences and practices with a much older that include the fitness goals such as hatha yoga and martial arts. But they are not focusing only on these goals, the purpose is to have the temple of the spirit, the physical body, healthy and powerful, so that one can have a healthy mind so that the spirit can properly carry on its activity in this life.

The philosophies from the East take into account all the vital energies we use, not just the ones that helps us strain the muscles and the metabolism. It teaches us how to absorb more energy from the air, the sun’s rays, food and water, and how to store and use it better to help the body regenerate faster and better and to facilitate biological, physical and mental activities. The vital energy is called “prana” by Indians, “ki” by Japanese and “chi” or “qi” by Chinese. They also know about the existence of the various “channels” (meridians) and “batteries” (chakras / tsubos) that western sciences have not yet identified.


Holistic fitness combines the knowledge and practices of western fitness with hatha yoga, qi-gong and martial arts to help you be healthy and powerful biologically, physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally, not just looking good for a period of time!

We can also focus on losing weight rapidly or growing in muscle mass, but we must keep in mind to obtain and maintain a completely healthy body.

A workout consists largely of fitness exercises in the West, but taking into account breathing and energy flow as in hatha yoga. The other part includes hatha yoga and qigong exercises for vitalizing, relaxing, invigorating, empowering or stretching.

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