Hypnotherapy is a therapy  through communication and qualified verbal and metaphysical suggestion, used during calm trance or deep relaxation, which helps to direct the imagination of a patient in a way to bring about intentional changes in sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behavior. It is usually used to program the subconscious mind for better behavior or to help cure a condition or impure quality.

The subconscious is responsible for most actions and actions of a person in general, so it is important to “program” it to help us as much as possible to fulfill our real wishes.


The hypnosis process relaxes the conscious part of the mind to stimulate and focus on the subconscious. This state, achieved through various relaxation techniques, allows us to induce appropriate suggestions through words, sounds and energy. Most hypnotherapists use only words and it is enough, but for empowering, other therapists also use energy and music with specific frequencies. Suggestions presented in a hypnotherapy session must be accepted by the patient in order to function and may be empowered by the will of the individual. Even in a state of hypnosis, the subconscious knows what the conscious mind wants and it can be stimulated by its passions and desires.


Hypnotherapy is not what we see in shows or hypnosis shows, where we often see people doing gestures and sounds like animals. In a hypnotherapy session, you are in control all the time. You will hear the suggestions given to you and you will be able to remember them after the session. If you want to do hypnotherapy, you’re a good candidate. Hypnosis is a state of will, if someone tries to hypnotize you against your will, it will not work.

For the first time, you will be asked about the previous medical history, general health and lifestyle to assess the current state. Then we will decide together the objectives of the session and we will do a little test to see how analytical your personality is and choose the right method of hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can be used to cure or impose any mental, emotional or physical state or improve quality. It is generally used for weight loss, loss of negative habits such as smoking and gambling, improving confidence and loss of fear and phobias, loss of stress, improving sleep and increasing motivation for career development, personal life or sports goals .

Progressive Hypnotherapy

The sessions of progressive hypnotherapy can help you mentally a lot to gain motivation for a healthy lifestyle, like eating healthy and respecting the fitness routine with great pleasure and energy! They start like a combination of Ericksonian and classical hypnotherapy, and then they gradually become an active meditation. After I program your subconscious when you are induced into a deep trance, you will gradually gain control over the hypnosis and you will command your habitual part of your mind yourself, after which the hypnosis transforms into conscious meditation and you will change and empower the mind by yourself with instructions and support from me. After a while, your awareness and will-power will be amazingly high and you will get up and command your mind with determination, seriousness and enthusiasm! “Yes, I am doing it, yes I am following my goal and I just quit my negative habits!” is an example of what you will shout at this turning point. We can introduce some yoga and fitness exercises combined with auto-suggestion and mental guidance after this in order to ground your will-power and you will then continue with a meditation to connect with the Higher Self in order to receive higher support and guidance through intuition.


Therapy Pre-session (assessment) 30 Minutes 60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
Hypnotherapy Free 70 LEI 100 LEI 140 LEI 170 LEI
Adding Level 2 Reiki +10 LEI +20 LEI +30 LEI +30 LEI
Adding Master Level Reiki +20 LEI +30 LEI +40 LEI +50 LEI
Adding Grand Master Level Reiki / Elemental Reiki +30 LEI +40 LEI +60 LEI +70 LEI
Adding Crystals +20 LEI +30 LEI +40 LEI +50 LEI
Adding Shiatsu / Massage +10 LEI +20 LEI +30 LEI +30 LEI


Sessions  30 Minutes  60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
4  200 LEI  300 LEI  400 LEI  500 LEI
8   350 LEI   500 LEI  700 LEI  900 LEI
15   600 LEI   900 LEI  1250 LEI  1600 LEI
Adding Level 2 Reiki  +10 LEI / session  +20 LEI / session  +25 LEI / session  +30 LEI / session
Adding Master Level Reiki  +20 LEI / session  +30 LEI / session  +40 LEI / session  +50 LEI / session
Adding Grand Master Level Reiki / Elemental Reiki   +30 LEI / session   +40 LEI / session  +50 LEI / session  +60 LEI / session
Adding Crystals +20 LEI / session +30 LEI / session +40 LEI / session +50 LEI / session
Adding Shiatsu / Massage  +10 LEI / session  +20 LEI / session +25 LEI / session +30 LEI / session

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