Life Coaching

Life coaching (personal / professional development counseling) can help with almost every aspect of someone’s life, be it personal or professional. Life coaching has become a huge market and continues to grow because people realize that it helps them a lot.

A life coach is not a clinical psychologist, but a counselor who advises you how to optimize your life. It helps you find your true wishes and the path you need to go through to accomplish, it often requiring skills to grow. You can seek advice whenever you need motivation or do not do well in a situation.

To complement this therapy, we recommend hypnotherapy to program the subconscious to help you in fulfilling your desires. Even if you know what to do and you are motivated, in daily life you act because of the habits that have the nature in the subconscious mind, so you can often be carried away if you do not work well with this part of the mind.


Sessions 30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
1 60 LEI 90 LEI 100 LEI 140 LEI 170 LEI
4 200 LEI 275 LEI 300 LEI 400 LEI 500 LEI
8 350 LEI 450 LEI 500 LEI 700 LEI 900 LEI
12 500 LEI 600 LEI 700 LEI 1000 LEI 1300 LEI
15 600 LEI 800 LEI 900 LEI 1250 LEI  1600 LEI
24 800 LEI 1000 LEI 1200 LEI 1600 LEI 2000 LEI


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