Personal Training

We offer personal training for holistic fitness or classic fitness. If you want to reach your goals quickly and efficiently, contact us to make customized training plans and help you implement and adapt them under the supervision and guidance of our trainer!

Holistic fitness combines the knowledge and practices of western fitness with hatha yoga, qi-gong and martial arts to help you be healthy and powerful biologically, physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally, not just looking good for a period of time!

We can also focus on weakening rapidly or growing in muscle mass, but we must keep in mind to obtain and maintain a completely healthy body. The sessions usually consist of 90 minutes, in which the coach will concentrate on guiding you to get the best results! The plan can be changed during implementation, depending on your performance and mentality, so it will always be enjoyable and productive!

If you already have a subscription to a gym in Bucharest, we can talk to the gym to allow us to start training or train in the park or at home! We can also talk to a new gym or train at several gyms with Fitpass!

Prices (you get a free nutrition plan for a month when you purchase at least 4 sessions):

Sessions  30 Minutes  60 Minutes 90 Minutes 120 Minutes
1 50 LEI 90 LEI  120 LEI 150 LEI
4 150 LEI 250 LEI  300 LEI 400 LEI
8 250 LEI 400 LEI  500 LEI 700 LEI
15 400 LEI 650 LEI 900 LEI 1100 LEI
30 700 LEI 1100 LEI 1500 LEI 1800 LEI

 The initial consultation is free!

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